Food, Toys, and Treats

We realize that there are many vendors for dog products out there, but we have narrowed our list to a select few that meet our criteria for excellent quality products at a fair price. We strive to only offer American made products and food. We only carry Natural Balance Dog Food, treats, jerky, and dental chews. We specialize in Green Dog Wash ShamPooch Bars, West Paw Design Toys and Beds, Dublin Dog Collars, Leashes and Toys, Walk-e-Woo Collars and Leashes, Planet Dog Toys and Treats, Bixbi Jerky Treats, Zukes Treats, Crinkits! Toys, EarthBath shampoo and sprays, and Select Kong products that are made in the USA. We frequently rotate different products and vendors. We also offer grooming tools, such as Furminator brushes and combs, tooth cleaning  kits, brushes and combs, and ear and eye cleaning options.



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