Meet The Team

We’re the eco-friendly and fun alternative to typical dog grooming.

presleypupThe Green Dog Wash story begins with Presley, the laid-back Chocolate Lab that was once the four-legged best friend of co-owner Brian Corby.

Presley was a gold-medal winner in water retrieval – but when it came to bath time, she was a real mess. Presley shook her bath water and bubbles all over the bathroom floor and walls. And dog groomers weren’t any better. Brian became fed up with expensive and careless dog groomers when Presley returned from her grooming appointments with her whiskers partially shaved off and nicks on her paws. The last straw was when Presley refused to enter the dog groomer’s store one day – that’s when Brian said, “Enough!”

Then, following the nationwide contaminated pet food recall several years ago, Brian started exploring safer and more natural pet foods and products to keep Presley safe.

When Presley passed away after 13 years, Brian was inspired to use his new knowledge about eco-friendly pet products to create a better grooming option for dogs – including his new friend, Seven, a silver-colored Lab. Brian contacted his friend, Greg Bitel, and the two developed a concept for a safe, green and fun self-service dog wash. And the rest is history.

Today, Green Dog Wash is a locally owned and operated business that promotes proper pet nutrition and dog grooming within an environmentally conscious, socially engaging, clean and comfortable setting. It’s a place for people to economically bathe their dogs (while enjoying some quality bonding time) and to connect with like-minded dog lovers.

We believe a clean, green dog is a happy dog. We look forward to meeting you and your best friend soon.