Zuke’s Dog Treats

Product Description

Inspired by our own pets and made especially for them. Zuke’s treats are healthy, natural, and nutritious.
We believe dogs and cats deserve the only the best, so our treats are Made in the USA with wholesome, whole-food ingredients.
Healthy is what you expect, and it’s the only way we know.


Our dogs get it. They love life and have a knack for making the most of it. They take us on wild rides, sniffing out excitement at every turn, then they’ll kick back and remind us to soak in the scenery. If they could tell us what they believe in, we’re pretty sure it would boil down to these six things.

New Product from Zuke’s!

Looking for a healthful treat that keeps your dog’s waistline trim? Never fear, all new Skinny Bakes are here! Each low-calorie, meat-free, crunchy biscuit has less than 10 calories; and a clean ingredient panel means even many dogs with common allergies can enjoy these wheat, corn, and soy free treats. Try all three yummy crunchy flavors: Peanut Butter n’ Banana Crunch, Cherry n’ Berry Crunch, and Pumpkin n’ Sweet Potato Crunch.


Durango, Colorado.

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