ATLAST Flea and Tick Spray

Product Description

If a harsh chemical insect repellant isn’t good for you, it probably isn’t good for your pet, either.

ATLAST is a non-toxic, effective and pleasant smelling alternative to chemical pest control. Their Flea and Tick Spray contains only natural, organic ingredients. ATLAST!® is tough on fleas and ticks yet mild enough for both adult dogs and puppies.

Because ATLAST!® is totally non-toxic, it is also safe to use when a monthly flea and tick control loses potency. You should never apply a monthly flea control product sooner than instructed because it doesn’t seem to be working any more. Over the long term, this might be fatal to your pet!

ATLAST!® Flea and Tick Spray will effectively control fleas and ticks without the use of harsh chemicals, and is safe to use even when chemical products have already been applied.

The active ingredient in ATLAST!® is cedar oil, now widely used in many applications for the elimination of insects as an alternative in environments where chemicals might be harmful to humans or small animals. The scent of the cedar oil in ATLAST!® disrupts the sense of smell in pheromone-driven (odor-driven) pests. Although the smell of cedar oil is very pleasant to humans and animals, it is disagreeable to flies and pests, driving them away. In fact, cedar oil has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a minimum-risk pesticide since 1996.
(ATLAST also works great to spray around the house and on yourself to keep pests away)

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