The Good Dog Company Collars and Leashes

Product Description

Based in Golden, CO, The Good Dog Company designs and manufactures a line of durable, earth-friendly pet products (and great prices). Kim Oliver, the founder of The Good Dog Company and a dedicated dog owner, spend a good amount of time researching the many benefits and uses of hemp and was subsequently inspired to start this hemp pet product company.

What makes hemp a great material for dog collars and leashes?
-Fabrics made of at least one-half hemp block the sun’s UV rays more effectively than other fabrics.
-Hemp is an amazingly durable fabric. When washed it constantly reveals a new surface, becoming softer with use.
-Hemp fabric rapidly absorbs moisture, which accounts for its coolness and comfort when used for clothing or bedding. Because of its strength when wet, it does not weaken with washing.
-Carpets and rope can be made of the hemp’s thicker, stronger fiber. The finest hemp fiber is delicate enough to be woven together with silk.

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