West Paw Design Toys, Beds, and Mats

Product Description

Eco-Friendly Materials

We choose to use eco-friendly materials in our beds and toys wherever we can—stuffing made from recycled bottles, plastic made from old chew toys, and organically-grown hemp, cotton, and catnip. By relying on environmentally-friendly materials, we help keep waste out of landfills, chemicals out of soil and water, and toxins out of toys—while still crafting extraordinarily durable beds and toys. When things last longer, people replace them less—and that’s pretty eco-conscious, too.

West Paw searches high and low to find the most durable materials that are also non-toxic. The fabrics they choose come straight from the clothing and upholstery industries, which means no cheap secondhand throwaways. In fact, they go so far as to design fabrics themselves that will match their high standards. They believe in comfort and enjoyment for your pet, ease and peace of mind for you!


West Paw takes great pride in the quality of their American-made products and want you and your pet to be happy with your purchase at West Paw Design. If anything seems amiss please contact West Paw Design at 1-800-443-5567 and one of their friendly Customer Service team members will be happy to help. They are proud to offer a guarantee on all of their Zogoflex toys and hand-sewn bedding.



Bozeman, Montana.

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